Vinyl wraps are an alternative finish and cost effective solution to transform the look of your yacht. Vinyl wraps offer a range of colours and finishes and it also protects paint from the elements and UV.

We can carry out external and interior wraps with the addition of providing surface protection.

External Wrap

We can carry out a full or part transformation of your yacht by wrapping the hull, superstructure or flybridge to the colour of your choice. The vinyl wrap will preserve the gel-coat and offer an alternative look.

Interior Wrap

We can transform the look of your interior with the use of special effect and textured films such as marble, embossed-wood, grain, leather, sequin, silk, chrome, carbon, satin, pearlescent, snakeskin with a range of different colours.

They can be applied as a finish to a range of surfaces from furniture/tables, fixtures, doors, wall panels, overhead panels, staircases and showers.