ToughGuard – a True Aviation and Marine-Grade Protection

Tested, validated and used by commercial Military and Corporate Aviation and Marine Clients. ToughGuard offers maritime customers the same protective benefits these clients have come to rely on and trust for over 3 decades.

The ToughGuard Difference

Much more than a wax or other sealant and polymers, ToughGuard is free of Teflon and silicone, contains anti-static properties and is the only product of its kind that employs Nano-Science Technology to create a perfectly smooth surface that actually bonds with the gel-coat or paint forming and extremely durable protective barrier. ToughGuard is the only protectant available in the global market that is scientifically proven to be true Nano-Science technology. ToughGuard Nano particles completely fill microscopic gaps and crevices than self level to create an ultra smooth surface, deep shine and protection that outlasts every leading sealant. polish or wax on the market.

ToughGuard’s Protection Benefits

  • Creates a barrier coat preventing scum lines, exhaust residue and air pollution from permanently binding to the surface and makes it very easy to remove with a fresh water wash down
  • Creates a thermally stable barrier coat that prevents salt crystals from bonding to the gel-coat or paint
  • High level of UV protection which prevents discoloration and oxidation from occurring
  • Enhances and protects high gloss finishes
  • Water-based, biodegradable, non-toxic, non hazardous, eco friendly.

Some high value assets protected with ToughGuard

After a 12 month evaluation of over 30 paint protectant products, Raytheon specified Tough Guard as the best product available and is now used to protect the Aegis Radar System on over 40 Arleigh Burke Class Naval Destroyers. Raytheon-Defense and Aerospace Systems

Arleigh Burke Class Naval Destroyer

We have used ToughGuard once a year on our antennas, since they are technically considered radars, we have to be carful what we use on them, but we have had nothing but compliments on them while using ToughGuard ,and with the constant warm weather and being exposed to the sun day in and day out , this product has held up with no problems at all. Washing the stacks gas off is a simple task compared to the other pieces of equipment that we have to spray down that do not have ToughGuard applied.