What is Hydro-Shield?

Hydro-Shield is a Hydrofoil that is easily fitted to an outboard or outdrive which provides lift and improves the boats performance and handling while protecting the propeller & skeg from damage in shallow water.

Hydrofoil Action

The boats overall performance and fuel economy is improved by its hydro-dynamic, fin like shape.

Hydro-Shield gets your boat on the plane faster by adding lift, reducing hull drag with less throttle required.

  • Speed improves at mid-range.
  • Improves fuel economy.
  • Reduces cavitation.
  • Decreases wake.
  • Increased prop protection in shallow water.

Improved Handling

Hydro-Shield’s hydro-dynamic design reduces porpoising giving a smoother ride at all speeds. Steering response and overall effort are improved with less slide in tight turns.

Propeller Guard

Designed to Withstand Impacts Without Breaking

Prop and skeg damage like chips or dents can be costly to repair and will affect overall boat performance.

Hydro-Shield protects against impact even under the pressure of an extreme collision and is made from energy absorbing engineered resin that bends to protect your skeg and prop from underwater impact.

Hydro-Shield fits on most outboards & inboard/outboards and can be mounted on a partially damaged skeg.

Two sizes available

Standard: 5-100hp & boats up to 18ft

Large: 100-425hp & boats 18ft & above


  • Gets your boat up on the plan faster improving fuel economy and forward visibility.
  • Improves performance and handling.
  • Protects the skeg and propeller form damage due to under water impacts.
  • Reduces costly repairs from impacts.
  • Made from energy absorbing engineered resin.
  • Simple installation
  • Mounted on skeg below the prop.
  • Fits all outboard and inboard/outboards.
  • Controls cavitation and porpoising
  • Protects Marine Animals & The Environment

Protects Marine Animals & The Environment

Hydro-Shield is also designed to protect marine wildlife from death and injury caused by propeller strikes.

Its reinforced design and attachment to the bottom of your motor protects your propellor in case of any impact, leaving wildlife unharmed and your motor undamaged.


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