Coppercoat is the combination of a specially developed solent-free epoxy resin and high purity (99%) copper. Each litre of resin is impregnated with 2 kilos of ultra fine copper, the maximum allowed by law, making Coppercoat the strongest copper based anti-fouling available with no other anti-fouling exposes as much active copper to unwanted marine life.

Unlike many paint companies Coppercoat is not manufactured with different types of anti-fouling for different styles of boats. Coppercoat is only available in one full-strength hard-wearing version. The epoxy carrier is filled with the maximum amount of copper allowed by law and consequently will keep fouling at bay in virtually all conditions.

Classified as non-leaching this highly effective coating is considerably kinder to the environment that its self eroding competitors, whilst continuing to deter growth year after year and if applied professionally the treatments resist weed and barnacle growth for a decade or more.