This new generation Ceramic Hybrid Coating is a transparent coating for almost all types of smooth surfaces. This hybrid coating is based on Si02, Hydrogen and Nitrogen with a pencil hardness of 9H and contains both inorganic and organic components.  Until now common competitive products have been based on one of two technologies, organic or inorganic compounds. Organic components are responsible for an easy-to-clean effect and flexibility, the inorganic components are responsible for both rigidity and weather resistance.  This new generation of hybrid coating combines both organic & inorganic components resulting in a permanent, scratch-resistant non-stick coating with weather resistance and flexibility.


  • Strong chemical bonding
  • Pencil hardness 9H
  • Temperature rating 600C
  • Contact angle 105 degrees
  • Chemical resistant
  • Can be used on flexible surfaces
  • UV and weather resistant
  • Food safe due to high proportion of inorganic components
  • Protects against bird droppings
  • Multifunctional: suitable for plastic, metal, painted surfaces, gelcoat &  natural stone- marble