When gel-coat and paint is exposed to UV it will suffer from oxidation otherwise known as fading. This is an industry wide problem for boat owners, boat builders and boat operators we well as the commercial sector. It will raise the question of whether you Polish, Paint or Wrap your vessel?

At Nanotech Marine we have years of experience dealing with the effects of UV and the damage caused to high value surfaces. We are able to make independent and qualified advice on how to restore and maintain your vessel to the highest standard.

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Polishing boat

The Facts

A quick cut and polish and the application of a wax will only offer a short term solution and in many cases only last 2-3 months before the oxidation returns. A yearly cut and polish using harsh compounds will only degrade the surface to the point of no return, remember gel-coat and paint is only very thin and continuous abrasion will result in the surface having to be painted, wrapped or new gel-coat applied all of which are costly.

To restore gel-coat correctly it is vital that all of the oxidation is removed and not masked with oil laden polishes or waxes or the surface will degrade and the oxidation will return in short order. Look around any boat yard in spring and you will see boats receiving the yearly cut and polish using the same harsh compound, polish and wax as last year (not recommended) the golden rule is to polish the surface as little as possible and apply a protective coating that offers a level of UV protection and re-apply when necessary.

Our unique boat polishing system will restore highly oxidized surfaces to the highest possible gloss finish. To achieve such results we use a small range of high performance compounds and polishes selected for their effectiveness in removing heavy or light oxidation. We only use the least abrasive compound or polish necessary to achieve a high gloss finish. As an example we would use our Super Gloss Polish on a surface that is in good condition and our Super Cut Compound would only be used on severely oxidized surfaces, again we only use the least abrasive polish or compound to achieve the desired result.

Once the gel-coat is correctly restored to the required finish it is essential that a protective coating is applied to retard further oxidation. Over many years we have used various protective coatings from manufacturers that claim their product will stop oxidation and last many years, I can tell you through experience these products never live up to the claims . Our approach to the subject of gel-coat protection is founded by real world experience and the endless quest to find the best and most durable solution available.

Relying on a polish or wax to retard the oxidation process will just not work due to their lack of effective UV inhibitors. Gel-coat is extremely vulnerable to UV damage and requires a protective coating containing adequate UV protection, this can only be achieved by selecting the most up to date products using Nano Science. By selecting the correct protective coating it is possible to retard or completely eliminate the oxidation process.