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"Our Sunseeker Portofino 53 had spent some time in the mediterranean sun and this had resulted in all the gel-coat, both black hull, and white topsides being afffected. The sun had caused blooming and staining on the black and previous polishing and cutting had left swirl marks in the white gel coat. Previous cut and polishes had brought the boat back to an acceptable standard, but I didnt realise how far from perfect these attempts were until I saw the results of the work by Nanotech Marine.

At first I was suspicious of the claims, because I have heard similar throughout my time in boating from many sources but the initial results are truly excellent. The white is now as new and there is no longer any evidence of cutting or the unsightly blooming.

We have taken the more expensive route and had the ToughGuard applied and we are assured that the proof of this will be evident over the coming months, but it is obvious that the base condition of the gelcoat is back to a lovely condtion, and now with a deep protected shine.

The Stainless Steel has all been cleaned and polished and we are very pleased with the end result.

Poole Dorset

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