New Teak Coatings availble end of March 2014



 Nimbus 38 only 4 years old with badly oxidized gel-coat



After removing the oxidation we restored the gel-coat to a mirror finish


Nanotech Marine restored this Nimbus to a as new look using our unique Nano Polish.  After we have perfected the finish we then applied Permanon Supershine.

Nano Polish Super Gloss was used to remove Holograms on this V58

 These Holograms in this Gel Coat are caused by the use of harsh compounds. We are able to remove these unsightly marks by using our Nano Polish Super Gloss to give a Mirror Finish. We then apply Permanon Supershine that will give maximum protection against UV and maintains an unrivaled High Gloss Finish 

Before   Before


After   After


After   After


Hunton 36 Restored to a Mirror Finish



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